Saturday, June 2, 2012

Lined with stores closed down long ago, sad-looking homes and deserted properties they are America's 'forgotten streets'.

But one artist is forcing people to take a closer look at the often ignored places hit with financial struggles over the years.

Using Google Street View, Doug Rickard was able to capture images from states all over the U.S including Michigan, California, Arkansas and New Jersey - without ever leaving his own home. 

Using the internet tool, California-born Rickard roamed America's streets for snapshots of run-down neighbourhoods.

The thought-provoking images paint a stark picture of the places stuggling to get by following the economic recession.  
The detached nature of the camera gives a feeling of alienation throughout the series of coloured photographs, entitled A New American Picture.
The collection contains images from areas battered by recent crises including Detroit, Michigan and New Orleans, Louisiana.

The pictures show loan figures skulking past shabby buildings and through empty parking lots.

In others, people are pictured loitering outside closed-down shops in the middle of the day, while children play on grey, abandoned streets.

Rickard describes the eerie images as having an 'apocalyptic-like brokenness'.

It is a modern approach to the tradition of street photographers concerned with American life...

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