Sunday, June 3, 2012

Hello everyone,

Im new to this forum stuff so please excuse any errors!

Im Simon, 24 from Derby UK, married with 2 children. Im a fully qualified Plumbing & Heating
Engineer with over 5 years experience in this field behind me. Ive been Gas Safe registered with the company i currently work at for 2 years, and have qualifications in Unvented Direct Hot Water systems, and UK Water Regulations.

Im looking to take my family to the US to potentially give my kids the best possible life i can. We have holidayed to Florida twice in the past and have loved the place from minute one. Its not the parks, its not the rides, its not the
attractions that we love, its the lifestyle, the beautiful friendly people that we love, its the gorgeous weather that hangs around most of the time. i love the face that driving down the I4 from Orlando is actually enjoyable because everyone drives sensibly! Not like in the UK. And let me please stress that our hearts are not just drawn to Florida, we are open to anywhere in the US as we have heard that most US cities asre similar in their trends.

Anyway, you get the

Please, anyone who can offer me help, advice or even
a job offer, I would be most grateful to hear from you.

Thank you for your time.


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