Friday, June 1, 2012

On Saturday May 26th, a homeless man was attacked by a naked man in Miami just off the Causeway’s ramp. The victim, 65 year old Ronald Poppo, had 75% of his face eaten away by 31 year old Rudy Eugene who authorities suspect was on a new designer drug called bath salts. The drug itself is said to cause its users to overheat thus causing them to strip nude and enter a psychosis state which drives them into mental irrationality. After getting statements from family and friends of Eugene, one might think he was a pretty stand up guy. Sure, he made a few mistakes here and there but who hasn’t. Well, then again… you haven’t gnawed someone’s fucking face off.
Immediately following the incident, the news went viral along with security camera footage from the nearby Miami Herald building which shows two pairs of legs moving about wildly. Police were called to the scene and the suspect had to be shot four times before falling down dead. Did we mention that the first shot only caused him to continue eating the guy’s face? Just thought we’d throw that disturbing detail at you, too.

Along with the video footage, a new Twitter account opened up purporting to be the Miami Zombie who, after finishing his meal off the Causeway, was in search of more victims. The gallows humor in all of this is the continued talk on social media sites of a “zombie apocalypse.”

 To me, I see it as media hype. Seriously. After Saturday’s fiasco in Miami and judging public reaction to such a story, why wouldn’t every media outlet jump on the bandwagon to find as many cannibal/zombie stories as possible? We are a nation of 300 million + citizens. A lot more disturbing events happen every day that go unreported. It’s just the “flavor of the week.” (Pun totally intended.)

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