Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Turn on your local cable network these days and what do you find? $40 a month for 199 channels!

You  will see some, and I use that word sparingly, good shows on cable. NAT Geo & Discovery are two that come to mind. But the others? Of course, you'll argue, "This is just your opinion." That's true.

Shows that depict, "Cheating on your spouse? Great idea! Casual affairs with people you work with? Why not! Restarting your failed relationship for the seventh time on the theory that this time will be different? Of course! "

Hiring a President that likes firing public sector workers while he claims to want to create jobs in the private sector? Absolutely!

What we watch influences how we think. The America we have? Well, you can get an indication of what that America is and what it will be by flipping through the channels on any cable network.

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