Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Americans cannot go on being "stupid" as their freedoms evaporate under what has become a corporate dictatorship. If America was a "free" country:

There would be 20 contestants for president instead of the non-choice delivered through our 2 failed corporately controlled parties. Republicans and Democrats have only divided and mismanaged the nation through incompetence and corruption, and both need to be shown the door along with their childish gridlock. Decades of war, pollution and stagnation are their fruits. The lapdog media must open-up to fair coverage of third party candidates who have just as much right to the stage as these shameless losers.

Government agencies would not serve to protect and fund industries that dine on the profits of war, pollution and disease; they would be held accountable to strict independent oversight. We would repair our infrastructure and environment instead of seizing foreign resources or supporting racist Israel's expanding domination of the Mid-East under the Neo-Con agenda.

Religions would not be allowed to displace rational thought and precipitate the most immoral crimes against humanity. When dozens of "Gods" and innumerable self-appointed human messengers bring only strife, common sense takes a holiday. Social manipulation needs to be stripped of this tool.

We would not have a disease generating food supply, scientifically proven responsible for cancer, depression, diabetes, heart attacks, or a drug-care monopoly that expensively doesn't work.We would not have fluoride in our water, mercury in dental fillings and fish or pesticides coating our vegetables.

We would not have a genetically-modified grain-based ag system that centralizes and dominates the food supply with unhealthy feedlot animal products, processed sugary carbs and brain damaging vegetable oils. Farming would be planet friendly, diversified and make us food-secure rather than the current chemical/water hungry monoculture that is prone to fail.

We would have a press that delivered objective information, not random confusion. Some people actually believe TV marketing and subtle propaganda diffused throughout the media. In fact most Americans see through phony propaganda and are tired of being under the thumb of billionaires. They see no way to address the broken system or even express their disgust, evident by their refusal to vote or participate.

Julian Assange, Bradley Manning and other whistleblowers would receive ticker-tape parades and not be hunted like dogs by an embarrassed political elite. Secret deals by elected officials are oxymoronic. They have only hindered foreign relations and bear no relevance to national security. Secrecy and control of information are hallmarks of organized crime, not honesty or democracy. The disproportionate political reaction to truth-tellers is disturbing and betrays a high level lust for complete control of information.

I am saddened by the idealistic fresh faces arriving at the campus, innocently determined to "make a difference." They will soon be broken by the system or become irrelevant outsiders...all for wont of a clean mirror that truly reflects the crumbling hag America has become; all for wont of an objective media.

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