Saturday, July 28, 2012

One hundred-and-fifty-four years ago, Abraham Lincoln said "a house divided cannot stand." These words aptly fit today’s political environment and our do-nothing Congress, whose goal is to block everything President Barack Obama puts before it — even if it leads to ruin.

We saw more damning evidence recently when Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., warned the chairman of the Federal Reserve that this year Congress will not be able to get its act together to prevent an economic disaster. It’s up to the Fed to do whatever is necessary. ("Bernanke: Recession likely if Congress doesn’t act," Tribune, July 18)\

This stalemated state of affairs dashes any hope that our elected leaders can pull together for the good of the county.

How is it that Congress can so easily spend a trillion dollars on wars in Iraq and Afghanistan — doing little more than crippling the economy — yet ignore the longtime crisis brewing on its home turf? To our dismay, politics continues to trump problem-solving.

Throughout the world, Americans are known for our ingenuity and pioneering innovations, yet in Washington, D.C., we find ourselves unable to put solutions to work. It’s a sad day in America.

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