Friday, May 18, 2012

There are more minority children than white children being born today. This is a game-changer in America. It is difficult to argue for affirmative action for a growing minority population that will soon become the majority. What will become important is the concept of equality based on the 14th Amendment; as America become a society of diverse ethnic groups, none of which has a majority. It is important that our government doesn't favor any particular ethnic group nor discriminate. 

The demographics today show that Hispanics are approximately 15 percent of America's population, blacks are 11 percent and Asians are a growing percent. In 20 or 30 years whites of European ancestry will become a permanent minority in America.
How will this trend change the political landscape in our beloved America? How will this change our cultural values? Will English continue to be the lingua franca of America and the world? Will the traditional Protestant ethics of hard work continue to dominate America's labor force?

The principal benefits of America's demographic change are significant growth in the labor force and the economy and hybrid vigor.

This is a brave new world whose consequences on America must be considered.

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