Thursday, May 24, 2012

Wood is one of the oldest building materials we know, and one of the most beloved. It's a love affair that has lasted - like hardwood itself - through the centuries, from the log cabins of earliest America into the early 21st century.

The story of our architecture is literally written in wood - underfoot in planks polished by thousands of footsteps; on walls enriched with carved hardwood mouldings and paneling; even on ceilings, where load-bearing structural beams have assumed decorative roles, too.

"We are a country blessed from the beginning with an abundance and variety of hardwoods," says Linda Jovanovich, executive vice president of the American Hardwood Information Center. "But there are other reasons so much hardwood has been used in the building of America.

"Hardwoods are versatile," Jovanovich adds. "They come in many species, colors, and patterns of graining. They're easy to work - hence all the exquisite carvings. And they last. Hardwoods are durable, which is why we still have wonderful old homes and public buildings that date back to the beginning of this country." Or look as if they do.

In historic homes and modern cultural sites all across this country, the stage has been set by American Hardwoods. Warm to the touch, soothing to the ear, comforting to both eye and psyche, timeless hardwood will go on creating the environments Americans most want to be in. Visit and see why our love affair with hardwood has lasted so long.

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