Thursday, March 29, 2012

America needs a slice of humble pie

They say apple pie is a large part of the American culture. Maybe we just need a serving or two of a different kind of pie. Humble pie.

America could use a little humility at this point. We used to self-proclaim ourselves the greatest country on earth, with good reason.

We had a prospering economy, our military was the strongest in the world and we were innovators, changing the world for the better.

Our economy is well past the point of a struggle and has plunged into an apparent free fall. Our military is still the strongest in the world, and we feel the need to occupy any territory that doesn’t share our beliefs. We are still innovators, but we seem to have become complacent.

Somewhere along the way, we lost the values that truly made us great. We had a strong sense of pride, but we were willing to work to still make ourselves better and maintain the title of “the best.” We knew then it didn’t come without work.

Now government programs such as welfare or unemployment have made it too easy to just not work until the “right” job finds you. Swallow your pride and take the job. Be proud to have a job and be a functioning, contributing member of society.

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