Friday, February 24, 2012

Dealing with Alcoholism in America

People often turn towards alcohol to escape personal turmoil, despite chronic problems it introduces into their lives. By numbing one's senses, it provides a short-term fix to emotional traumas, broken families or insecurities of childhood deprivation.

While everyone discusses improving the economic health of our country during this election year, seemingly nobody is focusing on this problem where a significant portion of the American population is in an absent-minded drunken state every single week. What good is the creation of more jobs if people continue down this destructive path? No longer can our society afford to hide behind hopeless claims that alcohol can be "harmless" as long as it is consumed responsibly.

Let's not wait for another celebrity to become a victim of this disease. Let's deal with it now and solve this problem. It is the plague of our society -- ruining lives, futures and families.

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